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Commercial Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Company

Elite Recycling Solutions Ltd has provided sustainable Waste and Recycling solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements since 2007. Our team has many years’ experience in Waste and Recycling Management and has expertise in delivering solutions to the commercial and industrial supply chain. We have a proven track record in understanding the challenges associated in running manufacturing and distribution centres with the importance of on demand services.

Our Company Mission Statement has remained important and relevant to us since the Company began in 2007:

“To stand above the competition by providing sustainable, traceable and innovative waste and recycling solutions to our clients. Working to build professional relationships with exceptional support, a commitment to quality, price and unparalleled customer service.”


Individual Solutions with our Elite Service

Our commitment to our clients is clear; we strive for complete diversion from landfill by maximising recycling opportunities and optimising efficiencies to turn waste into a resource. All provided by a friendly, proactive and dedicated point of contact. This strategy means that we have achieved year on year growth since 2007.

Our approach is simple; we plan to visit your site to carry out a FREE audit. We assess the current handling methods in place on site and then submit a comprehensive proposal of our recommendations. Whilst these are focused in part, on maximising financial competitiveness, we also pay careful attention to the operational demands and challenges to achieve a practical handling application as well as exceed environmental targets.

Genuine client feedback demonstrates that our strength lies in several areas:


  1. Customer Service: We are proactive in delivering our services when they are ordered and in forecasting service requirements over coming trading periods. We create and monitor ‘Service Records’ to log all movements across each waste stream providing clients with a very clear reporting schedule at any given time scale detailing volume and value per collection. This monitoring is particularly important over clients’ peak periods; with Christmas as an example, we operate throughout the period and establish requirements well in advance. These of course need constant adjusting as volumes fluctuate but the objective achieves a seamless service and a standard that we believe is the best in the industry.
  1. Competitive Solutions: We have a proven track record that provides a competitive advantage to our client base. We can offer multiple routes to market achieving a constant movement of material whilst driving competitiveness within the market.
  1. Innovation: As an SME we are perfectly placed to respond as and when new technologies become commercially viable, for example with Energy from Waste services, as landfill tax continues to increase year on year. We have strong links to local solutions and can offer guaranteed zero waste to landfill services for general residual waste, food waste solutions to Anaerobic Digestion, WEEE & REEE services along with hazardous waste handling and many other services.


Elite Recycling Solutions is an Environment Agency registered ‘broker’, however we are extremely passionate in delivering far more than this term sometimes suggests and consider ourselves a Waste and Recycling Service Provider. We also supply all types of baling and compaction equipment manufactured in the UK.


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