Recycling Solutions

We supply our clients with a bespoke total Waste and Recycling management system covering all waste streams and including the following:

  • Paper & Cardboard

    We handle significant volumes of ALL GRADES of paper and cardboard, supplying directly to UK and Continental European paper mills. Our volumes and routes to market ensure we offer very competitive rates for your material. We provide a service that exceeds expectations, with thorough communication and a full audit trail. We also supply balers, handling equipment and consumables. (View more on waste and recycling equipment)

    A few of the grades we buy are:

    • • Mixed Paper/Card & Multi-grades
    • • OCC Card
    • • Fruit Box & Flower Box
    • • Fibreboard and Reel stock
  • Plastics

    We offer recycling solutions for a vast range of waste plastics. Our approach is focused on helping you reach a balance between operational efficiency and maximising revenues for each plastic grade. To help achieve this we also supply balers, handling equipment and consumables. (View more on waste and recycling equipment)

    We buy many types of plastic including:

    • • PP such as trays, crates & pots,
    • • Film,
    • • PETE,
    • • HDPE,
    • • LDPE 98/2, 95/5, 90/10
  • Food & Organic Waste

    We have extensive experience in providing solutions to some of the UK’s leading Fresh Produce, Ingredient suppliers, and food processing companies. We have a proven track record in understanding and meeting the demands of this fast moving industry.

    Elite has a range of services to store, collect and process your food and organic waste streams. Technological advances offer commercially viable solutions for the handling and processing of food and green wastes, from composting to Anaerobic Digestion. We can process all types of wastes whether heavily packaged and/or containing animal by-product.

  • Dry Mixed Recycling

    A Dry Mixed Recycling service (DMR) is offered to clients looking for a simple and efficient way to improve recycling performance. DMR is a simple and straightforward solution that allows the collection of non-contaminated cardboard, paper, newspapers, plastics and cans all in one bin. They can then be converted into a reusable commodity.

    With services as wide spread as Blaydon to Bognor, Liverpool to Lincoln, we can provide a variety of formats that allow clients to co-mingle a range of materials, taking further volume out of the general waste stream.

  • Metals

    Our aim is to drive value through identification of each metal type and with our flexible service we can accommodate the most challenging operational environments. So contact us to let us demonstrate what we can do for you.

  • Wood

    Elite provides a wide range of services to process wood waste based upon the grade being generated at source.

  • Glass

    Our bespoke recycling solutions mean we collect recyclable materials in specific containers which aids efficiency if you produce a lot of one type of material such as glass.

  • Redundant Packaging

    As specialists in providing services to the retail supply chain and industry we are experienced in managing the effective collection and reprocess of any packaging format. Experience within this sector puts Elite in a strong position to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle redundant packaging.

  • Steel Drums – Intermediate Bulk Container Reconditioning

    Elite procures and sells a significant volume of IBCs and steel drums and can offer services to wash or recondition units.

Further services:

  • Liquid waste; denature, effluent sludge
  • Plasterboard
  • Construction materials
  • Mattresses & sofas
  • Ash
  • Oils

Should you have a material not listed here, we welcome any enquiry and would be thrilled to set out how we can provide a cost effective, competitive and convenient method to collect and process this.

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