Waste Services

We supply our clients with a bespoke total Waste and Recycling management system covering all waste streams and including the following:

  • Zero Landfill – Refuse Derived Fuel

    Elite has established a strong supply chain of RDF into Continental Europe that has provided clients with a sustainable alternative to landfill and make significant savings. We also offer fixed disposal costs over the period of the contract that allows clients to confidently manage their own budgets.

  • General Waste

    As not every waste stream can always be recycled Elite can provide your business with an efficient and cost-effective general waste service to deal with these leftover materials. We operate a complete audit trail for all waste streams and materials from source of supply through to the transportation and to the final destination.

  • Secure Data Shredding

    Our services cover the entire UK where we offer both on site and off site shredding services subject to your requirements. We understand how important security is when disposing of confidential waste, ensuring your waste is disposed of in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

    At Elite we use our extensive knowledge of differing waste streams to select the most appropriate disposal route whilst ensuring all documentation and licensing is provided. Hazardous waste management is a strictly regulated market requiring experience and technical skills to meet industry and legislative requirements. Many common waste products are classified as hazardous such as fluorescent tubes.

  • WEEE Waste

    Submit a list via our website “Ask us a question” link and we will submit a full proposal to collect and process any electrical and electronic waste.

Should you have a material not listed here, we welcome any enquiry and would be thrilled to set out how we can provide a cost effective, competitive and convenient method to collect and process this.

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